Credit Scoring Development and Implementation

Identify scorecard for credit acceptance

Probability of Default, NPL

Clustering with Micro Segmentation

Identify cluster for new customer and best product offer

Increase customer satisfaction, increase sales

Predictive model towards variable and attributes which highly infuence the business problem

Identify product, channel, trx which influence the most

Increase average balance

Churn model development

Identify new customer who is suspected churning with time prediction

Increase customer retention, customized marketing program, top-up

Scorecard modelling for Cross Selling

Identify new customer who is elligible and interested to buy product

Increase sales, increase approval rate

Hybrid scorecard modelling for higher take up in cross selling

Indentify elligible customer and their time to buy

Increase sales

Scorecard modelling for up selling

Identify new customer who is elligible for up selling and intersted to buy the product

Increase sales

Customer segmentation development using RFM Modelling

Identify high value, mid value and low value customer

Increase customer satisfaction, succes rate of marketing program

Z score financial model development for commercial customer

Identify client company that is going to bancrupt before 1 year

Decrease NPL

Otomation for model development and monitoring

Automation for identify new customer

Almost real time offering

Big data analytic using Hadoop

Identify new pattern base on internal and external data, supervised and unsupervised data

Increase insight accuracy, increase sales, increase profitability

CRM development and implementation

Identify customer 360′ profile

Increase sales

Anomaly modelling for fraud detection

Identify sequence of transaction pattern for fraud

Prevent fraud event before occurances

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